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How to get a BERHAM Custom Motorcycle

BERHAM Customs - Your Bike - Start

If you drop by at our shop you might find us stone-still staring. Well, we are really obsessed with lines and proportions. With each bike we build this starts all over again as we take “custom” serious.
No repetition, no serial production. Custom built also means built for a specific person. (Is that you?) So we don’t have motorcycles in stock. We start together from scratch. And this is where the fun starts:

Step 1: Find out what you’re wishing for.

BERHAM Customs - Your Bike - Step 1

No worries, dreams are often vague. We’ll sort out the details together in step 2…

Step 2: Define a budget.

BERHAM Customs - Your Bike - Step 2

The bigger, the better. No surprise. But any budget above 10.000 Euros is worth Step 3…

Step 3: Drop us an email or give us a call.

BERHAM Customs - Your Bike - Step 3

We’ll talk about your thoughts and ideas, figure out which donor bike is the right one for you
and come up with design ideas – which leads us to step 4.

Step 4: look out for the donor bike.

BERHAM Customs - Your Bike - Step 4

The choice of donor bike is mainly depending on what bike origin you like, what engine size and what character your BERHAM Motorcycle is supposed to have in the end. Of course it also plays a role whether a bike is a good starting basis. A Hayabusa isn’t. But a wrecked 50ies Triumph is not where we should start either.
A donor bike preferably doesn’t need a complete engine rebuild and can be serviced by a mechanic near you. As we focus on design, maintenance is just as little our business as trade. But of course we’re there to help you searching. Oh, what a wonderful transition to Step 5…

Step 5: commit yourself.

BERHAM Customs - Your Bike - Step 5

When you’ve got the bike that we together identified as the right one, we take it to our workshop and start rebuilding. This process will take a while (of course very much depending on how far we go with
rebuilding). As many ideas only pop up during the process there will also be decisions to be made. Decisions that are under the power of step 6…

Step 6: allow freedom.

BERHAM Customs - Your Bike - Step 6

The bike on the bench is built to suit you. But it’s also going to be a BERHAM motorcycle. So after we have agreed on where to go we need the freedom to build your bike the way we want to – within the agreed budget, of course.
Trust us. Whether it’s a 2.000 or a 20.000 € donor bike, we put the same passion and craftsmanship into your project. Until there is only one more thing left for you to do:

Step 7: Enjoy Your Ride

BERHAM Customs - Your Bike - Step 7

Braaap, braaap!

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