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A bike’s true power can’t be measured in HP

Imagine a new born baby. It doesn‘t have a personality yet. Or at least it doesn‘t show…
It sleeps, it drinks and it makes some noises. Same applies to new motorcycles.

There is a difference, of course: The baby is unique, one of it‘s kind. The bike comes off the assembling line. It‘s one out of dozens, hundreds, thousands. All of them exactly the same. As if that wasn‘t enough modern bikes are usually packed with electronic systems suppressing any kind of edges the bike could show.

A motorcycle should be unique, have a character you understand because of attributes that are similar to yours. Otherwise you miss 90% of the joy.

That’s what we think. And that’s why we build custom motorcycles down here in a Berlin basement – welcoming any two-wheeler that is a good basis to finally have individual style.

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BERHAM Customs Deco Signet 1